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Oct 18, 2016
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Welcome to the official development blog for BLACK FUTURE ‘88, a cyberpunk roguelike.

I hope to share work in progress, screenshots, build notes, code snippets, thoughts, and general misgivings about the music, game, and software industries. I also look forward to talking endless shit about the San Francisco Bay Area while refusing to live anywhere else.

How it Begins

I’ve been lucky enough to have shuffled my employment recently to an arrangement where I can work part-time, and devote every other waking hour towards music and game projects. I’m not getting any younger, so there’s not a better time to make this change and to try really really hard to make it as an Indie game dev and musician. It’s a really competitive landscape out there for both indie game devs and musicians, but I feel that combining them into the same occupation may yield some unexpected bonuses. At the very least, perverting what is a ‘music’ project and what is a ‘game’ project is a fun experiment.