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v0.05.00 (The Wave Killer)

Oct 28, 2016
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v0.05.00 (The Wave Killer)

I’m wrapping up v.0.05.00 today, there’s a lot of stuff in it.

  • Fleshed out boss fight.
  • The Arboretum Zone is now open.
  • Many AI Improvements.
  • The Optimistic Locking cursed buff.
  • Many balance changes.
  • Fucking Jets! Jets, man.
  • Adding a new Room Type, The Terminal. The player can attempt to hack the terminal and be given a free weapon, if they fail, enemies spawn in the room.
  • Adding Practice Mode, for starting the game at different zones.
  • Adding ‘The Wave Killer’ track.
  • Adding ‘The Masters Are Dead’ track.